University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Academic minor in mathematics

This page gives you course-by-course information to plan or consider a minor in math.

The requirements for a mathematics minor are:

  • Math 243 or 253A;
  • 12 credits in mathematics courses numbered above 300,
    at least 3 of which are in a writing-intensive (WI) course and
    at least 6 of which are numbered above 400.

All required courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. Courses used to fulfill core or major requirements cannot be counted for the minor. Exceptions are:

  • Engineering students may count their Engineering mathematics electives and technical elective (if taken in mathematics) and Math 302 and 307 towards a minor in mathematics.
  • Physics students may count their Math 311 major requirement towards a minor in mathematics.

If Math 243 is a requirement for your major, then you must replace it with Math 244. If Math 243 and 244 are requirements for your major, then you must replace it with an upper division math course.

The requirements include work at the senior level and allow the choice of specific courses which best complement work in the student's major field. Students who are interested in minoring in mathematics are urged to consult a departmental adviser early in their academic career.

Prior to graduation (at least one semester in advance), a Certification of Academic Minor form should be completed in consultation with a departmental adviser.